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Dandy Plus
Design by Fabio Novembre
Fabio Novembre
Dandy Plus: for a bathroom that's altogether contemporary and connected.
Dandy Plus is a collection designed by Novembre Studio which accommodates contemporary requirements, where the connected objects exceed the number of human beings and the increasingly compact spaces requires more hybrid functions, as stated by Fabio Novembre.


Diesel is exporting the style that has revolutionised the styling of the kitchen into bathroom furnishings, presenting an ambitious project where the industrial imprint embodies its strong personality.


Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
Glass goes on stage. Strong, seductive, functional


Design by Mattia Pareschi
A new concept of wellness


Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
The bathroom evolution: well-being as a lifestyle


Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
An aesthetic project enhancing practicality and ergonomics


This is a collection by Scavolini Bathrooms designed by Vuesse, which stands out for its strikingly simple silhouettes, clear geometric shapes and minimal styling. A game of volumes and perfect functionality that make it possible to liaise with the surrounding space through sophisticated shapes. From a stylistic perspective, the leitmotiv of this collection is the door with J-shaped handle grip (22 mm thick) which ensures ergonomically-designed, simple furnishings. Multiple finishes are available: glossy or matt lacquered as well as decorative melamine.


Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
Glossy lacquering: a precious accent of taste and elegance


Design by Idelfonso Colombo
Innovation and originality for a pleasant work space


Cavolini's new design for the bathroom is in true made-in-Italy style. It uses high-quality solutions to transform the area of the home dedicated to well-being into an exclusive and prestigious space. This superb collection is designed to make the space dedicated to taking care of yourself unmistakable. The classical and the contemporary sit harmoniously side by side to create an absolutely personal style.


The concept of this project is for the room to "disappear" into two objects in pursuit of absolute freedom of design: a container, with a truly unique design, and a wood finish shelf with a minimalist appearance (Qi, in Japanese, also means container and wood) which can be configured in many ways to suit all interior decor styles.


Design by Studio Castiglia Associati
Unique customisable multi-functional