Dandy Plus: The evolution of the compact, connected kitchen. For a reinterpretation of space at the heart of the home.
design by Fabio Novembre
The kitchen has always been the “lure” of the home, the most lived-in and variously interpreted room. Even for the new generations. The research conducted by Scavolini, thanks to the partnership with Fabio Novembre, has resulted in an innovative project that looks to the near future, reinventing its past: introducing Dandy Plus. On the one hand, the shapes of Dandy Plus recall the historic best-selling Scavolini model from the Eighties (specifically, Dandy), but on the other it reveals itself to be a clear tribute to Italian design, characterised by distinguishing features, soft curves and bright colours.
This design forms part of the Scaolini Line from Scavolini. The Scavolini line allows a tasteful, rational take on all spaces. Thanks to a wide range of products, Scavolini takes up different styles and desires, including those of the public who wish to make their own home unique through design.




Dandy Plus is available in lacquered, decorative melamine, Fenix, veneered and aluminium framed glass fronts, customisable with brightly coloured recycled plastic handles. Contact us to see the full selection.


Scavolini Line, Bright, Contemporary


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